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Resizing Images

Most recent digital cameras take high quality photos, which means very large files. While these are suitable for printing, such large sizes are not needed for use on the internet where it is preferable to have short upload times. Hence, if your photos are larger than 1024KB (1MB) you will need to resize them before uploading them to your ad.

Below are some tips on how to resize photos. However, if you cannot resize them, no problem, please post the ad without photos and then email them to us at support@yellowboar.com. We will gladly resize them and post them for you.

Image Resizing Tips (if you want to keep a copy of your photos in their original size, make sure to make a copy of them before resizing them):

– Windows 7: you can use the program “Paint” (comes with Windows). The “Resize” option in the dialog box lets you resize a photo maintaining its original aspect ratio.

– Windows XP and Vista: you can use the program “Paint” (comes with Windows). Click on “Image”, and then select “Stretch/Skew”. Enter the same smaller percentage amount in both the Horizontal and Vertical fields in the Stretch portion, then click OK.

– Mac: you can use “iPhoto”. Select the “Export” option and you will be given the option to resize images.

– The software that came with your digital camera will most likely have a resizing function too.

– You can use this free online image resizer: http://webresizer.com/resizer/

– or this free online image resizer: http://www.ivertech.com/freeOnlineImageResizer/freeOnlineImageResizer.aspx

A few resizing programs:

Image Resizer for Windows

Image Resizer for Mac

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